The Gordons of Morrison County, Minnesota

Thomas Campbell Gordon, my great-grandfather, immigrated to Morrison County  from Wales in 1887.  Little Falls is where three generations of his descendants were born and raised.  The following map shows the family events which took place in this county. 

By clicking on the markers, you can view the family events that took place at that location.  You can zoom the map in and out and drag it from side to side to see more of Morrison County.


Little Falls, Morrison County, Minnesota

The Gordons of Knox County, Illinois

Even before Thomas Campbell Gordon came to Minnesota in 1887, his grandfather, William Gordon emmigrated from Scotland to Knox County, Illinois in 1868.  After the death of his daughter Jessie Gordon Ewart in 1863 and the death of his wife Margaret in 1867, William came to Knox County with his two grandchildren, John Y. Ewart and Margaret E. G.Ewart, where several of his relatives and friends from Kirkcudbrightshire had already moved. William died in 1869 leaving his grandchildren to live with other relatives.  He is buried in the John Knox Cemetery, also called The Old Scotch Cemetery, in Copely Township.

Knox County, Illinois