Welter Mayflower Connections

Thanks to Rebecca Fixsen Sonnick for her help with the Welter side of the family. We have added many Welter "cousins" and family photos to this website as a result of her efforts. 

I welcome inquiries from other members of the Welter family to further update and refine this branch of my family tree.

The Descendants of Nicholas "Nic" Welter Jr. and Anna Meyer (by way of the bloodline of Anna Meyer) are all direct descendants of at least 14 Mayflower Pilgrims.

These Mayflower Passengers were:

1. Francis Cooke     (Wikipedia Biography) 

2. Myles Standish     (Wikipedia Biography)

3. John Alden     (Wikipedia Biography)

4. William Mullins  (Wikipedia Biography)

5. Henry Sampson/Samson 

6. Richard Warren     (Wikipedia Biography)

7. Isaac Allerton    (Wikipedia Biography)

8. Stephen Hopkins      (Wikipedia Biography)

9. George Soule     (Wikipedia Biography)

10. Elizabeth Fisher (Hopkins) 

11. Mary Norris (Allerton) 

12. Pricilla Mullins     (Wikipedia Biography)

13. Mary Allerton, daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth Allerton     (Wikipedia Biography)

14. Alice Mullins, wife of William Mullins 


A Descendant Chart of these descendants can be seen by clicking below: