Gatehouse Area Photos

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Angel Hotel, 70 High Street, Gatehouse of Fleet - The Angel Hotel (c.1800) noted for its first floor Venetian windows was converted early 21st century to private housing.
Joiners Shop on Ann Street, Gatehouse of Fleet. The building goes back to 1783 when the plot was feued to Alexander Lillie, joiner. In 1864 the building was sold to Mr Murray Stewart of Cally and it was then that it was rented to the Samuel McKean family. In 1896 the building was sold to Agnes Foulds, the wife of James McKean, joiner, the son of Samuel. This property remained in the McKean family until 1946 when it was sold by the trustees of Mary Martin to William Hay, joiner. For many years the building was the Bay Horse Inn. Lat/Long 54.88280869, -4.18102217. (Photo courtesy of the McMurray Photo Collection at
Anthoth Old Cemetery, Gatehouse of Fleet, Scotland. Lat/Long 54.88050461, -4.21086216
Claughread Farm - View across from the eastern facing slopes of Cairnholy. The farm, centre of picture, is Claughreid with the lower slopes of Cairnharrow beyond. Farm house Lat/Long 54.872952, -4.304393. (Photo taken by Andy Farrington - Geograph website.
Claughread Farm, Kirkmabreck Parish, Scotland. Farm where James Gordon and family lived and worked from approx 1800 to about 1845. Lat/Long 54.872952, -4.304393. (Photo taken by Anthony O'Neal - Geograph website.
A view of Gatehouse of Fleet looking east down Fleet Street. The picture was taken before 1896. Lat/Long 54.87895203, -4.19282913. (Photo courtesy of the McMurray Photo Collection at
The remains of the old Kirkmabreck Church and Cemetery. Lat/Long 54.88043213, -4.35133697